Top 10 Hottest Places in India, April 2023 [Updated]

Hello friends, in which article today people are going to talk about the top ten lowest cities of India, so let us know which places are considered to be the hottest in India.

Mumbai breaks all heat records when the temperatures hit as high as 39.4 degrees Celsius. Here’s a list of the top ten hottest places in India. Mumbai is experiencing soaring temperature levels this summer. Furthermore, the IMD declared a heat wave in the financial capital on Saturday.

According to the weather department, a heat wave warning was issued for all of Konkan, including Mumbai on Sunday. The main observatory in Santacruz recorded 39.4 degrees Celsius and Colaba reported 37.4 degrees Celsius. According to studies, it is the Presence of strong easterly wind delaying the sea breeze proving to be the reason for this heatwave.

Top 10 Hottest Places in India April 2023

Top-10 Hottest Places in India 2023

Mumbai summer lasts from March to June. The state is known to be typically humid with temperatures ranging from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius but this year the case seems to be different. India is home to mixed landscapes with different temperatures on every corner so it’s very easy to find the hottest places in India with soaring temperatures even in the coldest season of the year.

While in summer the temperature of the Himalayan region stays near -5°C and Delhi, being just 600 km away from the mountains, scores 40°C. In places situated in the tropical zone, the temperatures can be seen touching the height of 50°C for the whole year, creating new records.

Top Ten Hottest Places in India 2023

Name of PlacesMaximum Temperature 
Sri Ganganagar50°C
Vijaywada 45°C

#1 Delhi

The Capital of the country Delhi has been recorded as the hottest city in India. The extreme weather faced annually is due to its’ less proximity to the coastal area. In addition to that, This causes extreme weather in winter as well.

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The temperature in Delhi usually hovers around 35-40°C. Apart from the high temperatures, the extreme humidity levels make it more unbearable. The temperature reaches as high as 44°C in the months of May-July.

#2 Churu

A city in Rajasthan is considered to be the hottest place of India due to its existence in the desert region of India. Known as the gateway of the Thar desert, the temperature of the place has been recorded as high as 50°C. However, on average the temperature fluctuates around 35°C during day time.

#3 Sri Ganganagar

Another desert city, Sri Ganganagar is located in the border area of India and Pakistan. The temperature of this city Sri can touch its peak up to 50°c during the Summer season.

#4 Bilaspur

Close to the tropic of Cancer, Bilaspur is one of the hottest places in India with temperatures reaching as high as 49°C in the summer season, making it difficult for people. Due to its extreme exposure during the daytime, people don’t even dare to come out of their houses without an umbrella or enough SPF.

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Phalodi Rajasthan is home to most hot cities and one of them is the famous salt city of Phalodi. The temperatures here can reach the highest temperature in India recorded till now which is 51°C. Situated in the buffer zone of the Thar desert, the place always suffers from extreme heat exposure and heat waves.

#5 Nagpur

Nagpur, also known as the orange city of Maharashtra, faces fluctuations in the highest heat temperatures. In the daytime during the extreme summer season (April to June) the temperature can be seen touching as high as 48°C. To add more pinch of discomfort in the weather, dry hot winds blow all over the city.

#6 Banda

Banda is located in the southern part of the Yamuna river in Uttar Pradesh, recording the highest temperature of 48°C. One of the pros for the city is that it is Blessed to be located beside the Yamuna river due to which it is always filled pleasant breeze that provides temporary relief from the heat wave.

#7 Vijayawada

Vijayawada is also known as the Oven of Andra Pradesh and falls under the category of the hottest cities in India. In the Summer season, the temperature can be seen climbing up to 45°C here, making it nearly impossible for people to roam around the city to an extent.On average days one can witness the temperature rising to 37°C.

#8 Jhansi

Jhansi is situated in the fourth largest state of India, Uttar Pradesh, and faces the excessive heat of the Sun during summer, making it one of the prominent hottest places existing in India. The temperature here can go up to the ranges of even 47°C and on average stays around 35°C during summer days.

#9 Phalodi

Rajasthan is home to most hot cities and one of them is the famous salt city of Phalodi. The temperatures here can reach the highest temperature in India recorded till now which is 51°C. Situated in the buffer zone of the Thar desert, the place always suffers from extreme heat exposure and heat waves.

#10 Titlagarh

This small town of Titlagarh in Odisha can record up to 45.5 degree Celsius temperature. Titlagarh is surrounded by barren hills and neighboring tropical regions such as Chhattisgarh and Telangana. Also, the condition of the local soil is a major factor in the increasing temperature of the place. From Nagpur to Vijayawada, the list of hottest places in India can go on a long way.

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Also, some places like Jaisalmer, Churu and Phalodi near India’s largest desert Thar break all records by reaching around 51°C during day time. Heat waves, dry air and excessive humidity create unbearable conditions for people to step out here during summer. However, due to the adaptable nature of Indian people, they can adjust themselves even in such extreme weather of this subcontinent.

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