100% Free Bike Insurance 2022 | Buy, Renew Two wheeler Insurance at free Premium Plans for One Year


Free Bike Insurance 2022 | Buy/Renew Two wheeler Insurance at Low Prices in India | 100% Free Bike Insurance 2022 for 3 Month to 6 Month | Free Two Wheeler Insurance 100% Free Plans

Two wheeler insurance 100% Free Plans cover all types of two-wheelers including bikes and scooters by providing coverage against any third-party liabilities. Moreover, on a larger scale, it also secures you from the unwanted fiscal cost in the event of loss or damage incurred due to any mishap/ accident.

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Best Two Wheeler Insurance 100% Free Plans in India

When it comes to choosing the best two wheeler insurance plans, we’re sure you have heard enough from different bike insurance providers about the benefits and coverage offered in the various types of bike insurance 100% Free Plans. Under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, third-party two wheeler insurance is mandatory in India.

Regardless of being a legal mandate, having insurance also acts as an added benefit in case of damage or loss to a two-wheeler due to any unforeseen events. Along with third-party liability benefits, two-wheeler insurance 100% Free Plans offers various additional benefits such as free services/repair of the two-wheeler as well as its accessories, other discounts, etc.

100% Free Bike Insurance 2022 | Buy/Renew Two wheeler Insurance at Low Prices in India

100% Free Bike Insurance 2022 for 3 Month to 6 Month

However, given the sheer multiplicity of insurance providers in the country, choosing the best two wheeler insurance policy in line with one’s exact requirements and the budget often becomes a challenging task. Let us help you and give you a brief overview in regards to two wheeler insurance with some unique best features and benefits that will help you to make an informed and wise decision.

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List of Best Two Wheeler Insurance 100% Free Plans

When you intend to buy bike insurance policy online, do not forget to compare different bike insurance quotes and assess the features offered in the policy. Listed below are the two-wheeler insurance policies offered in India:

  • Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Digit Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Edelweiss Two Wheeler Insurance
  • IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Kotak Mahindra Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Liberty Two Wheeler Insurance
  • National Two Wheeler Insurance
  • New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Navi Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance
  • SBI Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Shriram Two Wheeler Insurance
  • TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance
  • United India Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance

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List of Top Two Wheeler Insurance 100% Free Plans in India

In the below grid, find the key information in regards to the best two wheeler insurance 100% Free Plans offered in India:

Two Wheeler Insurance ProvidersThird-party CoverPolicy Term
Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
Bharti AXA Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
Digit Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
Edelweiss Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
Kotak Mahindra Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
Liberty Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
National Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
New India Assurance Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
Navi Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
Oriental Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
Reliance Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
SBI Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
Shriram Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
TATA AIG Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
United India Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year
Universal Sompo Two Wheeler InsuranceAvailable01 Year

Bike Insurance 100% Free Plans for 6 Month

  • List of Documents Required for Purchasing a New Two-wheeler
  • There is a list of a few specific and mandatory documents required to buy a new bike. Also, you need to register your bike at RTO (Regional Transportation Office) and getting bike insurance online or offline. Your automobile dealer also asks for these documents to maintain their database and for various other purposes.

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Two Wheeler Insurance 100% Free Plans for One Year

Once you have decided to buy a bike according to your preferences and budget, you will approach the nearest automobile dealership to buy the desired model. While purchasing a bike, you will submit the list of documents to them-

Identity Proof

The first and foremost thing is to confirm your identity by submitting the ID proof. You will be asked to submit the documents like your Driving License, Aadhaar card, PAN Card, etc.

Address Proof

If you are planning to buy a new two-wheeler, you will need to confirm your residential address. You can submit a utility bill, passport, rental agreement, etc. All these will act as your residential address proof.

Nationality Proof

To prove your nationality, your bike dealer may ask you to submit the proof. You can submit the documents like Voter ID, Aadhaar card, Passport, etc.

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